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Canon Capture Perfect 2.0 Software

We have a DR-2580c Scanner with Full Size Flatbed. Firmware v2.07. Running CapturePerfect v3.0.8209.309.

Currently running 64-bit Windows 7. The scanner has been a mainstay of our operation for 7 years. It's a superb system. Epson Lq Series 1 136 Driver Download. 1) When editing jobs, is there a way to make changes to a job and save it under another name ('save as') to create two similar jobs? The only way we know to do this now is to create a new job and program it from scratch, which is inefficient and error-prone. 2) Is it advisable (or even possible) for us to upgrade from CP v3.0 to v3.1? If so, how would we do this?

Moderator Note: Edited post to remove serial number per forum guidelines. I posted too soon. I figured out the path and files. On a Windows 7 machine with roaming profiles it is storing the scanner & job settings at: C: Users [UserName] AppData Roaming Canon Electronics Cappe3 Where [UserName] is your logged in UserName. There is an.INI file and then a bunch of.dat files that seem to be the scanner settings and the job settings.

Download Aplikasi Kamera Tembus Pandang Pakaian Hp Java. For what it is worth when I called 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666), the guy told me there was no ini file and that CapturePerfect stored the settings inside the compiled.exe. I wish i was making this up but that is honestly what he told me.

Brand:Canon, Product:Scanner, Model: DR-2010C, Utility: 3.0.97, OS: Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista(all 32/64). Canon CapturePerfect 3.0.97 Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista(all 32/64) was collected from Canon official site for Canon Scanner. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from Canon are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or

Get Printer Driver By Printer Name Vb Net Data here. Canon capture perfect 3 0 (9 items found) Best Matches Price, Low to High Price, High to Low Name, A-Z Name, Z-A Top Rating New Arrivals SORT BY. Office moved with Old Scanners, Problem is, They got new pc's and no one knows where the software is. Some are XP and 3 are win7 Pro. I need to find Capture Perfect 2.0.

Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my page. Files in Driver Package Date Time Attr Size Compressed Name ------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------ 2010-09-01 17:07:34.A 826 main/ 2010-09-01 17:07:34.A 9 main/data1.hdr 2010-09-01 17:07:36.A 66143 main/ 2004-07-16 02:09:36.A 433 main/ 2010-09-01 17:07:36.A 455 136 main/layout.bin 2004-07-16 02:09:36.A 19 main/setup.exe 2010-09-01 17:07:28.A 434 main/setup.ibt 2010-06-07 11:24:16.A 524 374 main/setup.ini 2010-06-07 11:24:16.A 205 main/setup.inx 2010-09-21 11:32:16 D. 0 0 main 2010-09-01 17:08:58.A 838 help/ 2010-09-01 17:08:58.A help/data1.hdr 2010-09-01 17:08:58.A 512 107 help/ 2004-07-16 02:09:36.A 433 help/ 2010-09-01 17:08:58.A 855 257 help/layout.bin 2004-07-16 02:09:36.A 19 help/setup.exe 2010-09-01 17:08:56.A 434 help/setup.ibt 2010-06-07 13:35:28.A 524 375 help/setup.ini 2010-06-07 13:35:28.A 282 help/setup.inx 2010-09-21 11:32:02 D. 0 0 help/HELP 2009-07-03 15:10:06.A 605 help/HELP/CapPe3C.chm 2009-07-03 14:50:30.A 712 help/HELP/CapPe3D.chm 2009-07-03 14:51:18.A 608 help/HELP/CapPe3E.chm 2009-07-03 14:51:40.A 707 help/HELP/CapPe3F.chm 2009-07-03 14:51:56.A 718 help/HELP/CapPe3G.chm 2009-07-03 14:52:22.A 772 help/HELP/CapPe3I.chm 2009-07-01 22:54:38.A 791 help/HELP/CapPe3J.chm 2009-07-03 15:06:36.A 11932 help/HELP/CapPe3K.chm 2009-07-03 14:51:18.A 608 help/HELP/CapPe3R.chm 2009-07-03 14:52:38. Download Driver Canonscan 4400f there. A 743 help/HELP/CapPe3S.chm 2010-09-21 11:32:08 D.