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87 (0x57) is ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER, 'The parameter is incorrect. Epson Stylus Sx200 Scanner Driver more. ' In other words, one of the parameters in your call to OpenPrinter is wrong. Phprunner Serial Number here.

Hp Recovery Media Creator Windows 8 Download more. The Win32 API reference for the tells us which one: pDefault [in] A pointer to a PRINTER_DEFAULTS structure. This value can be NULL. You have this set to InPtr.Zero in your call, but the states that InPtr.Zero 'represents a pointer or handle that has been initialized to zero' and goes on to specifically caution that it is not equivalent to Nothing.

Thus, the correct call to OpenPrinter would be: OpenPrinter(szPrinterName.Normalize(), hPrinter, Nothing).

How to write Raw Data into Printer in.NET? How can I use font supplied by printer driver? I'm using Epson TM-U210D. But How to do this is in VB.NET? Monitoring a Printer Queue from VB.NET. Followed by an array of PRINTER_NOTIFY_INFO_DATA structures. Again, in VB.NET these can.