Php Mysql Multiple Checkbox Update

Php Mysql Multiple Checkbox Update Query

Sep 13, 2018  How to Update Multiple rows in Mysql with Checkboxes in PHP using Ajax jQuery. Resetter Epson L120 Torrent more. Update Multiple records using PHP with Checkbox selection. Ajax Edit Multiple Data with Checkboxes in PHP jQuery Mysql.

Am taking the name as name=type[].in the form of array.but on checking it the result in the database simply gives the world 'array' You have surely answered your own question. If it is an array, and you insert an array you will get an array. You can't expect MySql to handle this as you expect? Contoh Program Kasir Dengan Phpmyadmin Default more. [PHP]$query ='insert into form (type,other,purpose)VALUES('$type','$other','$purp ose')';[/PHP] The above query either needs to be executed multiple times with a single value in place of $type', or you need to constrct a multiple values INSERT query.

Its good.thanx for your has started inserting checkbox values into mysql database.I guess you are very good at php. I have been wondering for this solution but all in vain until you gave the right answer.Thanx once again. However still there is another problem.The multiple checked data has started to be inserted into the mysql database.Now in the next page if i want to update those checked data from some new checked data,in that case can you please show some light.

I mean to say that when i open the edit page,at first the earlier checked data be visible. Hp Dj450 Printer Drivers on this page. After that when i check some other data in the checkbox and click the submit buttton,in the database this updated data should be visible. It would be great to seek your help Thanx and Regards TechnoAtif. However still there is another problem. The description that follows is not a problem, it is a requirement for a full script.