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Download Free Resta Accanto A Me Spartito Pdf Printer. A study using operator words to formulate queries for building search strings. This form of logic is based on binary logic and can be used to search most full-text search engines as well as subject directories.

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Create your own flash cards!. Patch Flashpoint Cold War Crisis here. Cards Term Acuity-adaptable rooms Definition Rooms that provide healthcare that swing from acute care to critical care, thus reducing patient transfers. Term Before-after study Definition A study that measures outcomes by comparing data collected before an intervention with those collected after an intervention is put in place. By comparing data, researchers can tell whether the intervention is effective in improving outcomes. Term Boolean logic Definition A study using operator words to formulate queries for building search strings. This form of logic is based on binary logic and can be used to search most full-text search engines as well as subject directories. Term Case study Definition Involves in-depth investigation of one or several cases: individuals, units, or projects.

In a case study, researchers use mulitle quanititative or qualitative methods. Multiple methods are used to collect extensive data of one case or several cases. Term Chi-square Definition A statistical test used to determine the liklihood that an observed variation from the anticipated outcome occurs soley by chance. Term Clinical outcomes Definition Observable signs and symptons relating to the patients' health conditions such as morality, morbidity and infection rates. Term Confounding Variables Definition Extraneous variables not under the control of the experimenter that vary systematically fromthe independent variable making it difficult to isolate cause and effect. Term Correlational coefficient Definition Measures the direction and strength of the relationship between two variable.

A positive value indicates positive correlation, and a negative number indicates a negative correlation. The values are between -1 and +1 and the cloer the correlational coefficient is to -1 or +1, the stronger the correlation. Term Correlational study Definition Two or more characteristics or variables of reserach subjects that are collected and examined to see if the differences in one variable are related to the differences in other variables. Hp Data Protector Express Keygen Crack Idm.

Term Descriptive statistics Definition Summarize the numerical data in meaningful ways. Various descriptive statistics can be used depending on the type of measurement scale. Term Economic outcomes Definition Results of an action(s) pertaining to the finances of a hospital or health system (e. Create Zip Archive Using Php there. g. The cost of patient care, staff turn over, and philanthropy to the hospital). Term Environmental psychology Definition An interdisciplinary field focused on the interaction between humans and their surroundings.

Term Environmental variables Definition The variables involved in the physical environment. Research focuses on one or two environmental variables that are easily quanitifiable such as noise level, room size, patient bed distance and lighting levels. Term Ethnographic study Definition An example of qualitative research; focuses on a group of people who share a common culture. It gathers in-depth data related to patterns of interpretation and is particularly helpful in understanding a complex working situation. Term Experiential knowledge Definition Knowledge gained through experience as poosed to prior knowledge.

Term Expert experiential knowledge Definition Experiential knowledge held by stakeholder groups involved in the project due to their professional qualifications. Term Federated search technology Definition The simultaneous search of multiple online databases; an emerging feature and is often referred to as a portal instead of web-based search. Term Healing environment Definition Nurturing, therapeutic, and stress-free environments that promote wellness. Term Hierarchical databases Definition A database structured in hierarchy format. All data starts at the top of the hierarchy and moves its way down. Term Hypothesis Definition A tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical conclusions. Term Infection rates Definition The rate or chance at which patients acquire infections while in a healthcare facility that are caused by the facility or people in the facility.