Scan Uploaded Files For Viruses Php

Scan Uploaded Files For Viruses Php

As Christian says, ithe best solution is to whitelist and verify the file type - however any file which has uncompressed metadata can potentially be an. Strip the metadata. Invoking the virus checker synchronously from the web request is a very bad idea in terms of performance, stability and availability. While the default upload handler in PHP sensibly puts files out of the way and forces you to move them before the request completes - this means that you'll have to copy the file once more after you virus scan it. Well it just so happens that the fastest of them also have the highest number of know exploits. Take for example GDI+ libraries from Microsoft.

Extremely fast in loading various image formats (and I do use them), but relatively easily exploitable as well. There are ways to protect even these libraries, but I wouldn't know how to address that in PHP, as I compile my CGIs and try to avoid PHP, especially for security and performance reasons. I didn't rate your answer, I just thought it should be mentioned, that most of these libraries have known exploits. Some pretty bad ones, too. – Feb 11 '13 at 18:48. I think this is bad advice. What's more important is to check the MIME type and make sure the proper MIME type is provided when you serve the file to others, and that you turn off content-type sniffing.

Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Printer Driver Windows 7. I strongly suspect that it would be possible to construct a file that getimagesize() thinks is an image but that IE6 or IE7 thinks is some dangerous MIME type (thanks to IE6/IE7's content-sniffing algorithm), particularly if you don't serve a valid MIME type when it is downloaded by others. But see answers I've linked to more for a more thorough treatment of what defenses you should use. – Jan 10 '13 at 2:43 •.

Php Maker 8 Crack. Use PHP to check uploaded image file for malware? Is there any way for me to check uploaded image files for malware? For instance, is there a server out there running ClamAV that I can access from PHP? Is it necessary to scan users' file uploads by antivirus?

When you perform your postback and upload the file, you could, at that time, open the virus scanning log within your application and find the line within that file that shows that file being scanned. Either using your own logic based on the report or simply sending back the line from the report to the user, you should be able to report back to the user the status of the uploaded file. I also found a tip from another thread that suggests actually running the virus scanner at the completion of the upload. Look here for more details.