Driver Autodetected Hpdftex

Driver (autodetected) Hpdftex

Den 2016-04-01 kl. 14:07, skrev G B: >Oddly enough doing pandoc --toc -o out.tex then pandoc --toc >out.tex -o out.pdf works. >>Please help me by telling you how to provide more info so we can get to the >source of this. My guess is that there is something in your metadata which changes the preamble in some way. The difference is that unlike `pandoc --toc -o out.pdf` the command `pandoc --toc -o out.tex` creates a.tex file without a preamble, so that when you run `pandoc --toc out.tex -o out.pdf` a 'default' preamble without any modifications will be used. First of all try to use XeLaTeX instead of pdfLaTeX: ``` pandoc --toc --latex-engine=xelatex -o out.pdf ``` If you have any language or font-setting stuff in your metadata you may have to change those to use polyglossia/fontspec too.

If that doesn't work try doing this ``` pandoc --toc -o out0.tex pandoc --toc --standalone -o out1.tex pandoc --toc out0.tex --standalone -o out2.tex ``` then run diff, or since you seem to be on Windows FC, on out1.tex and out2.tex. Seeing the differences between the two should give you a clue what is going on. G B 3/4/2016, 18:29 น. Hi, Thank you for your help. At the github issue John chimed in and I had a p in the source md file. Somehow this got translated into a textbackslash when outputting to tex but not when converting directly to pdf.

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