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Ready To Print : Handbook For Media Designers

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I was recently issued with a complementary copy of the by Andy Brown at (who are based here in the UK). The book itself is rather small, but is printed on quality card and embossed with foil block.

From the official site: This little handbook is crammed with stuff which we think you’ll find very helpful. Especially if you’re a designer. Our goal is to help you see if your ideas will translate well when printed, as well as show what should be possible from your local press. Lets take a look at a few of the pages and see what the book is all about: Pages 4 and 5 show a good comparison of how the exact same colours look on both Uncoated and Silk stock. There’s also a great comparison of differing DPI values, from 600dpi down to 50dpi. Seeing this in print is quite useful, as it appears to show there is no difference in 600dpi and 300dpi for most applications. For more information on screen resolution, check out Pages 6 and 7 show colour mixes and how varied tints appear in print.