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Thank you for the working solution, but it does not quite seem complete, at least for me. Whenever I use the created Adobe PDF Converter to create a PDF, the following four processes start and do not close themselves when the printing is complete: a) Acrobat.exe *32 (Username: SYSTEM) b) acrodist.exe *32 (Username: SYSTEM) c) acrotray. Hp Service Manual here. exe *32 (Username: SYSTEM) d) acrotray.exe *32 (Username: [my username]) After about 3-5 minutes, processes (b) and (c) do close themselves, while (a) and seem to insist on staying alive.

This has two most undesirable effects: 1) These processes take up memory because they are technically running, even though they aren't doing anything after the PDF is printed. Case Studies In Hematology And Coagulation Pdf Printer. Drivers Hp Compaq Evo D510 Cmt. 2) Acrobat.exe maintains a lock on the newly created PDF, so I cannot move or delete it until I forcibly kill the Acrobat.exe process.

So I have the following questions: 1) Is there some way to ensure that all processes close after a PDF has been created? 2) If not, is there some way to automatically remove Acrobat.exe's hold on the new PDF other than opening the Task Manager and forcibly killing it? 3) Or is all this simply a result of Adobe's sloppy programming practices, and is a necessary evil we must live with if we're to use their PDF converter? Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Helo I have a severe problem, when installing Acrobat 8 in Win 7 x64, Acrobat 8 (Middle East version) does not create adobe Printer Port. If anyone has solution Software I'm running Acrobat Pro 9 with Windows 7 professional.

I randomly get this error message when I attempt to print: Before you can perform print-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer. I have several printers that are listed and I did not change. Software I have 2 adobe pdf ports currently set up on my system. One is print to file which I don't know where that came from but every time I try to use it, it prints an 'invalid file' after I enter the mile long output file name ending in.pdf. Using the other adobe pdf printer port I click print and it.