Hp Smartstart Scripting Toolkit Windows Edition

Hp Smartstart Scripting Toolkit Windows Edition

• 『HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit Windows Editionユーザ ガイド』 • Microsoft ® Windows ® PE Build Tools 2005(Windows PEの作成用) • インストールするオペレーティング システム(Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000またはMicrosoft ® Windows Server™.

I have a PXE server for deploying Windows XP and Windows 7 to workstations. The process is as follows: • Boot the workstation from the NIC. • Workstation sends a DHCP request. • DHCP server responds with an IP address and the location of the PXE server. • Workstation downloads WinPE image file from PXE server via TFTP • Workstation stores WinPE image file in memory and executes it. • Once booted into WinPE, I connect to a network share to gain access to either the Windows XP or Windows 7 installation files.

Canon Lide 20 Scanner Driver For Windows 7 64 Bit Download. • A custom script is launched to guide you through the process of formatting and partitioning the hard drive(s) (using DISKPART and FORMAT). Hp Deskjet 3745 Printer Driver For Windows Xp. • Another custom script asks for details such as the hostname to assign to the workstation. The answers provided are used to build an unattended answer file (SIF [Setup Information File] for WinXP and XML for Win7).

• The Windows setup EXE is launched, passing the unattended answer file to it as a parameter. The Windows XP and Windows 7 installation sources have been customised to include the drivers for our Dell workstations. They also run a number of scripts upon first booting up to install software packages. This process works very well for our workstations and I would now like to use it for building our servers too. The vast majority of our servers are HP Proliant DL360 G6, DL380 G5 and DL380 G6.

They’re running Windows Server 2003 (various editions) or 2008 (various editions). To date, we have always built the HP Proliant servers using the SmartStart CD provided. SmartStart does three useful things for us: • Setup RAID with HP Array Configuration Utility (ACU). • Installs and configures SNMP • Installs various HP Tools for Windows (HP Array Configuration Utility, HP Array Diagnostic Utility, HP Proliant Integrated Management Log Viewer, etc) Using SmartStart I have never had to manually download and install Windows drivers for network, sound, video, etc. I'm not sure if this is because SmartStart copies drivers from the CD during setup, or whether Windows just has the drivers natively in its driver CAB. Epson L800 Printer Resetter Free Download. If I abandon the SmartStart CD in favour of my PXE server I would have to do the following: • As I wont have access to ACU, I'll configure the RAID (before booting to the PXE server) by pressing F8 (during the boot process) to access Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA). • Installation of SNMP and the HP Tools will have to be installed once the Windows installation is complete using the Proliant Support Pack.

Is this method OK? Is there anything that the SmartStart CD does that I'll be unable to do by other means? Install Mac Os X On Hp Probook 4540s Manual more. Are there any disadvantages to not using the SmartStart CD? UPDATE 05/01/12 I’ve been reading through the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit documentation. The scripting toolkit contains command line tools which work within WinPE and can such things as configure BIOS settings, configure an array and setup ILO. I’m personally not too bothered about configuring BIOS settings as I rarely deviate from the defaults (unless the server is to be a Hyper-V host).