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Dell Sas 6/ir Integrated Workstation

Dear Dell Community Users, @RoHe: Yes i tried to change the SATA Operation in BIOS Setup to ATA, but unfortunatly that did not work. @theflash1932: I noticed later that day that this PC contains a Perc H310, and while talking on the phone with a dell employee i finally got the right driver. The link for the Perc H310: When installing Windows 7 and you want to load in that particular driver choose the map 'Payload' in there is the correct.ini file. My problem is solved, thanks for the help i've been recieving and i hope others will find there solution with this info to. Sincerely, Micha Joosten IT admin Inther Logistics Engineering.

I think the answer to your specific situation and question is 'no'. While the PERC 6 does support migration from SAS 6 controllers, apparently it will not successfully boot if migrating a Windows system, so migrating a data volume/array is the only way it makes sense on a Windows system. I don't know exactly what the problem would be - if it is something that can be repaired or if it simply will not work. Compatibility With Virtual Disks Created on SAS 6/iR Controllers Virtual disks created on the SAS 6/iR family of controllers can be migrated to PERC 6 and CERC 6/i. However, only virtual disks with boot volumes of the following Linux operating systems successfully boot after migration: Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 10 (64-bit) NOTE: The migration of virtual disks with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems is not supported. CAUTION: Before migrating virtual disks, back up your data and ensure the firmware of both controllers is the latest revision. Also ensure you use the SAS 6 firmware version 00. Hp Dc7900 Windows Xp Vs Windows 10 here. Fatal Error Msi Hp Software Update. 00 or newer.

Install LSI Dell SAS 6/iR Adapter driver for Windows 10 x64, or download DriverPack Solution software for automatic driver installation and update.

I feel your pain and I hope that you can find a fix for yours. I found a linux version of the SSM which can be found here (not sure why but I could only find these files on the euro support site) the windows is here: There are also multiple versions of it listed here: (look for SSM) I was also looking into being able to do it via the OpenManage from Dell but since this worked I didn't need to go that far.