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HP 1652b Logic Analyzer Manuals and Disks HP 1652B Logic Analyzer Manuals and Disks Some time ago, I purchased an HP 1652b Logic Analyzer through e-bay. This is a great combination logic analyzer plus oscilloscope that was way ahead of its time. The one I purchased did not have manuals included, so I set about looking for manual on the web. Hpc Code Source Download. Some searching showed a folder on the Agilent FTP that had a scan of the service manual, and the disk creation utilities and images, but not the operations manual. Alas, the last time I checked, the 1652b folder from the Aglient web site was gone.

Soon thereafter, another HP 1652b Logic Analyzer showed up on e-bay, but this one had a full set of manuals in great condition. I contacted the seller and arranged to have the manuals sent to me by FedEx, I then scanned them and sent them back to the seller by FedEx so he could include them with the analyzer for sale. I originally intended to use the manuals only for my own use (which I have), but I have been thinking that the manuals may be useful to other HP1652b owners. The scans offered here are 600 DPI, with the Acrobat 'capture' function turned on. This means that the scan is an exact 600 DPI image of the manual, but a second OCR version of the manual is 'hidden' behind the scanned image.

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