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If it's the same as the R200 and you still need it later PM me. I have the R200 and could probably send the software or an iso of the whole epson cd. I dought this would be considered warez, if it is for an epson printer, and only works with an epson printer, then if you have an epson printer you should have the epson software, right!

That always gets me, the legal disclaimers that you can only install hardware specific drivers on only one system when all they do is make one certain piece of hardware work and serve no other purpose. Like ya, I really would want to install my Umax scanner drivers or Supra modem on 7 computers that DON'T have a Umax scanner or Supra modem!! Sometimes we just gotta use common sense and forget those goofey manufactorers!!

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Hi guys, was just wondering if you could tell me if any of these Epson PrintCD links are for updated software for the Epson 900 printer and it's bundled version of EPCD version 1.10A? I've been looking all over and emailing Epson asking if an updated version existed, of course I've never expected a reply! If these are indeed links to an updated version, can someone please tell me (in briefness) what are some of the improvements/fixes. And also, thanks in advance to those who provided the links. Well, I noticed in going back to my original link on the Russian site that it had been updated from version 1.2, which I still have, to version 1.4, which is the version currently available from there. I haven't tried the new 1.4 yet so I can't tell you what the difference is. I just installed that 1.40E (which brought me up from 1.20E).

I haven't played with it too much, but I see they have finally incorporated background image caching. I make my CD's in @ 300dpi and save them as.bmp's and load those as backgrounds into PrintCD - at times, I get quite a few bmp's in my usual folder and the old 1.20E would reload them *all* each time I go to choose a new background (and it would take a loooooooong time). This new 1. Download Driver Hp Laserjet 1010 Windows 8 64 Bit. 40E is super-quick now (obviously caching the existing images that it knows about) which is all I really wanted.