Hp P2000 G3 Firmware Upgrade Problem


Anonymous Thank you for your reply. Do you have any experiences with upgrading the disks? As mentioned not all are the same firmware version and it's recommended by HP that the version is the same on all. One of the reasons I'm upgrading is the fact I'm receiving a 'DISK_CHANNEL_DEGRADED' warning from time to time. Download Driver Canonscan 4400f here. I contacted HP and they said to update the disk firmware (which I'm a bit affraid to do). The reason I asked for the age of TS201P007 is since I'm wondering if it will do a direct update to TS230P008 or an incremental to a version in between (will take a lot more time).

Anonymous For those that run across this wanting to upgrade from TS201P007 to TS240P004-02 (latest at the time of this post). It is a direct upgrade. Upgrading via the SMU will actually work (ask me how I know, but YMMV), but it is not what is 'supported' according to the release notes. I also would not recommend it as you will lose visibility quite often and will be flying blind for a bit as the process takes quite a while. You may regain access to see the event logs but just use the Smart Component updater as supported. 'Using the SMU to install TS240 firmware is supported only when upgrading from TS230 or later firmware.

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When upgrading from all other firmware versions, install the TS240 firmware using the Smart Component.' Also those wondering about the difference in numbering/naming scheme of the firmware being so drastic (for example) from TS201xxxx to TS240xxxx, is HP's attempt at unifying the firmware across all P2000 G3 MSA variants: 'Beginning with TS230, firmware for all HP P2000 G3 MSA System controllers was merged into a common firmware stream, used on all protocols of P2000 G3 MSA controllers.' You will need to do HDD firmware separately. If you tried updating the HDD firmware first while on T201 and was unsuccessful, update your controller firmware first and try again. Hp 2000 Notebook Pc Wifi Drivers For Windows 7 64 Bit.

Use the Smart Component updater rather than the SMU since it gives you real time status updates. Ethical Issues In Modern Medicine Steinbock Pdf Printer.

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