Install Php Pear In Windows Wamp Server


Install PHP PEAR in Windows WAMP Server. PHP PEAR install in WAMP (Windows, Apache, Mysql, Php). PHP PEAR Installation in WAMP Server.

Install Php Pear In Windows Wamp Server

Install PEAR with WAMP server on windows 7 or windows 8 seems easy. First we have to install WAMP server. Make sure wamp is running fine.

• Download go-pear.phar file and place You should download go-pear.phar file from. You can place this file in the following directory, C: wamp bin php php5.4.3 (This above directory may be different, depend upon your version of PHP) • change path in Command Prompt Open command prompt(CMD). Just, rise up Window’s start menu, type CMD in search bar and then press Enter. Now we need to give go-pear.phar file path. For my path, cd C: wamp bin php php5.4.3 Give your path and press enter.

You can look like following screen. • Run go-pear.phar Now, You can run go-pear. Canon 60d Firmware Update 1.1.1. phar file using following code. Php go-pear.phar • Next, that will ask you “Are you installing a system-wide PEAR or a local copy?”. Give your answer like “local” and press Enter. It’ll ask confirmation. Just give “yes” and press Enter.

• Set location You can see 12 files with default location and it’ll ask location change? Contoh Program Oop Php Tutorial Pdf on this page. If you wanna change, just give “all” and change that. Better, Set default one. For default location, press Enter.