Php 5 3 8 For Readynas X86 Or X64 Platform

Php 5 3 8 For Readynas X86 Or X64 Platforms

PHP 5.5.8, 5.4.24 (x86/x64) available: PHP 5.5.8 & PHP 5.4.24 are available for download at Hp Laserjet 6l Pro Driver. ReadyNAS Network Storage. Or maybe you already own a NETGEAR ReadyNAS product and have troubleshooting or installation questions.

Ok, I compile for both normal and pdo drivers with Thread Safe (x86) / Non Thread Safe (x86). I testes Non Thread Safe PDO driver with php 5.5 (x86) and it's working. You can download files here: Also I change file versions to 3.0.2 to solve confusion with the old versions.

---------------------------------- Legal: This is a project of Microsoft Corporation and as the version.h file writes, I've permission to change the source code and distribute it with giving the details that I made and giving the copy of the license here: Changes: Line 77 of php_sqlsrv.h changes from: #if PHP_MAJOR_VERSION >5 PHP_MAJOR_VERSION 4 ) to: #if PHP_MAJOR_VERSION >5 PHP_MAJOR_VERSION 5 ). Driver Printer Canon Mp237. Hi HMelihkara, Thank you very much bro. Driver Hp Laserjet 1010 For Windows 7 on this page.

I have tested and can confirm that the Thread Safe versions work on PHP 5.5 on a x64 machine. My configuration is a WAMP and WASP stack with • Apache 2.4.4 • MySQL 5.6.11 • PHP 5.5.1 • MS SQL 2008R2 (Express) • php_pdo_sqlsrv_55_ts.dll & • php_sqlsrv_55_ts.dll loaded as dynamic extensions. I haven't run performance tests yet, but I'm seeing a marked improvement in server performance for complex queries coded for earlier sqlsrv ( again unofficial:-) drivers. I upgraded to PHP 5.5.1 yesterday thinking I'll compile the driver source and swallow the downtime.