Hp Pavilion Dv9700 Graphics Drivers Windows 7

How To Update Your Graphics Drivers Windows 7

Just an update for all those who have been following this thread (of hope?). While on the prduct page for my notebook looking for drivers the other day, there was a link near the bottom of the page that Richard Bailey, HP's Senior Vice President of Customer Service and Support, was interested in hearing from me about my support experience and wanted feedback.

HP Pavilion dv6 with dual Display Graphics Driver. After downloading Windows 7 display driver, you may install the driver in Windows 8 compatibility.

Needless to say, I filled in the supplied form (twice, actually) detailing everything I've tried to date without success. Lo and behold, I get two phone calls today. One was from a case manager on the HP AMS TCO Escalations team informing me that Windows 10 drivers were available on my product page ready to download and I would be meialed a link to the page. Imagine my excitement while the page loaded only to find that no drivers were available for my product with Windows 10. I called back the case manager (yes, I was given a number to call) and the result? I need to wait until drivers are released. The second call came from an HP tech in Texas.

I was beside myself with the sudden interest in getting my graphics drivers working properly. Well, this tech did everything I have tried already (I told him as much while on the phone but he did it anyway. I figure they don't trust my computer abilities).

Anyway, close to one and a half hours later, the result? I need to wait until dirvers are released.

Disappointment set back in and I'm still where I started when I posted on this forum: with a HP notebook with faulty graphics drivers. If I was to take any positive from this, it appears that HP does care enough to try and resolve customers' issues. I'll give them that much.

Now the waiting game starts for Windows 10 drivers to be released for my notebook. I can't remember if my case manager said October or November. Good thing I have another notebook to use (not HP) for work which had no issues with the Windows 10 upgrade. Epson Lx 300 Ii Driver Windows 8. Otherwise, I would have to roll back to Windows 7 (not an option I'm looking for) and hope that the upgrade would still work to get Windows 10 once drivers are actually available from HP. RJFrieder: I've found enough positive changes in WIndows 10 for me to stay with it. Pvc Card Printer Software more.

Having a spare notebook to use for work is making it easier. I just hope that HP can get the drivers out sooner than estimated. It has been labor-intensive for people who upgraded to Windows 10 thinking there were no compatibility issues then finding out there were after the upgrade and now having to roll back to their older OS until drivers are available.

I was fortunate enough to have another notebook where the upgrade took. I was impressed that HP took the time to contact me to at least attempt to resolve the issue. It's just too bad that I ended up back where I started. Reconnect the power cord, and then turn on the computer. It worked like a charm.