Hp Dc7900 Windows Xp Vs Windows 10

Hp Dc7900 Windows Xp Vs Windows 10 Pro

I purchased a 'refurbished' HP Compaq dc7900 Convertible/Minitower from an online/ ebay store called Discount Computer Depot (AKA 'd iscountcomputerdepot.com') that has Windows 10 installed on it (I think Windows 7 is also installed on it too because there is, curiously, a Dell operating system sticker on it that says 'Windows 7 Pro OA'). Sometimes when I turn it on it tells me to replace the BIOS or the firmware. I then turn it off and back on and I can get to Windows 10. Anyway, trying to find a solution to this problem I started up an online chat on HP's customer service website and was informed that at 7 years of age this desktop is considered seriously past it's prime! Not meant to run Windows 10 and no longer furnished with any software/firmware updates. So, it looks like I got scammed by 'discountcomputerdepot.com'. They are selling other desktops as well, all as 'refurbished', while the booklet that came with this unit says ' Microsoft REGISTERED Refurbisher'.

If you has any Drivers Problem, Just download driver detection tool, this professional drivers tool will help you fix the driver problem for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Here is the list of HP Compaq dc7900 Convertible Minitower PC Drivers we have for you. I checked the driver file from the dc7900 support page, and I do not see support for the hardware ID you posted. Cara Download Lagu Dari Hp Nokia C3 here. A supported Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.

I'm thinking that may be false advertising, too. Hi: Something is fishy there. There should be a HP W7 sticker on there, not a Dell one. But, to answer your question. Firebird Php Generator Professional Letter on this page. Yes, the dc7900 should be able to run W10 just fine. I am running W10 on a dc7800 CMT and a dc7900 SFF, and have no issues at all.

I am not sure why you are getting that replace BIOS or firmware message, but if you are getting that message before you get into Windows, it has nothing to do with the operating system. If you are having issues with W10, you can always call HP and order a set of W7 recovery disks for your PC, at 1-800-334-5144. Have the serial number of the PC handy to give to the customer services rep. The latest BIOS revision for your PC is v01.35 Rev.A (27 Nov 2015.

If you have an older version that that, you may want to update it, but you must do it using the DOS based BIOS flash files. I think if you run the windows based flash on W10, you will wreck the PC since the Windows BIOS based flash was designed to run on W7 and older operating systems. It is easy to update the BIOS using the DOS based flash files. Unfortunately, I would not be able to tell you that updating the BIOS is guaranteed to fix the replace BIOS or firmware message. Thanks for the reply. Let me explain further. I’ve had this computer since April or May of this year (I think).

When I first booted up this unit it gave me a menu screen with options to choose either Windows 7 or 10! There is a Windows 10 sticker on it (“ Windows 10 for refurbished PCS” it says) so, as I suggested in my initial post, Windows 7 is installed on it in addition to 10. Using only Windows 10 I started to have trouble with an update for windows 10. There was also a Win 10 upgrade that would fail every time I tried it. I emailed discountcomputerdepot.com and was told that it sounded like I needed to replace the hard-drive. I wasn’t quite ready for that, so I took it upon myself to try and re-install Win 10.