Hp Compaq Presario Cq56 Recovery Disk Download


The compaq support page for that model doesn't show any recovery/restore disks but if you google SR1563CL 'recovery disk' you'll get a few hits. There's one site that comes up under several different names that appears to be a BS site as it lists windows 7 and 8 disks for that model. This one might be legitimate: It's number 819 toward the bottom or do a search for SR1563CL. Looks like it costs $27 and they mail you the disks. You can also install XP using a regular xp installation disk and then download the necessary drivers from the support page for that model. If you have the windows XP key (usually on a sticker on the case somewhere) and can check what it is. - and note if it says OEM as part of the characters given.

Hp Compaq Presario Cq56 Recovery Disk Download

If so then you can download an ISO for an OEM, burn it to to cd/dvd (XP will usually fit on a cd) and then use 'your' OEM key to install it. If you go for the ISO get the version that has sp-3 included. If (and unlikely in this case) the installation is a retail version then you download a retail version of the ISO; burn to a cd/dvd and boot up with that - using 'your' key for the installation.

If 'your' key doesn't have OEM included within it, then it's a fair be that yoi=u have a retail installation; but that is highly unlikely. Again go for the sp-3 version. The ISO can be download - for free - at the site posted by riider (#9) in this CN post: What I'm not sure about is whether or not the versions of XP offered there are retail or OEM. Usually you cannot use an OEM key with a retail disk and visa versa. But first have a browse at these two (hp) links; the second discusses which key to press for a recovery partition approach i depends on which OS version etc.you may have.; and also ordering the disk set. The first (and top of the list) may be of general interest too; and includes the actual hp link to the second site I've posted below.

Hp Scanjet G2410 Scanner Driver For Xp. Jun 05, 2012  Can't download Win 7 updates or do recovery on HP laptop. How do I install windows xp on Compaq Presario CQ56 Installing windows XP on compaq presario CQ56 129NR. Solved: I have a compaq presario cq-5611dx notebook. It came installed with 64 Bit Windows 10. How do I order recovery software for this notebook? Windows Xp Pro Sp3 Hp Oem Software here.