Craftsman Eager 1 Manual 6.75hp


Install Php Apache Centos 7 Epel on this page. Picked up a used eager 1 to use where my 48' cut bunton will not go. Can get it to start with starting fluid,but will die instantly if I do not keep pushing on the primer bulb. Hp Defibrillator Manual. If I keep pressing bulb 'frantically'it will keep running.Once it is warmed up it will stay running(usually)but not always. Was going to rebuild carb,but saw a new after mkt. Carb on eBay for $22.00 (oregan).Installed that,but get the same results.I also installed a new primer bulb.Drained fuel from tank and cleaned tank.See no restriction from fuel line to carb.Would the float need adjusting? Even though it's new?

Owner's Manual 6.75 HORSEPOWER 21' REAR DISCHARGE ROTARY LAWN MOWER Model No. 917.388620 • Safety • Assembly • Operation • Maintenance • Espa_ol.

Craftsman Eager 1 Carburetor Problems

I am running out of possible fixes! Am I missing something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Model 917.377590; Engine model 143.98670;Engine Family STP207U1gira. Was the 'new' carb in fact new? I saw a video on YouTube where the guy removed the float bowl screw and cleaned the passages. Another item to check is the gas cap vent (is it plugged) and the fuel line, does it rout below the level of the bowl? JeffJeff, yes the carb is 'new'albeit an after market carb.I forgot to mention in first post that I did check gas cap for obstructions.None were found.The fuel line is at or a little above the carb.This being a vector carb,it has no float bowl screw.I suppose I could check the innards of the carb and check holes with a small gauge wire.While I got it apart I will check float also.