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Hematology Case Studies With Answers

Hematography will increase your proficiency at blood cell identification. See realistic blood cell images from the Hematography CD-ROMs and try our interactive hematology Case Studies.

HEMATOLOGY Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf:- 1. Causes spurious decrease in MCV A. Cryofibrinogen B. Hyperglycemia C. Autoagglutination D. High WBC ct E.

Reduced red cell deformability Ans: A 2. When the entire CBC is suppressed due to either anemia, infection, or hemorrhage is called? Erythroplasia B. Thrombocytopenia C.

Pancytopenia D. Leukopenia Ans: C 3. Total RBC count for Women is? 4.2-5.2 Ans: C HEMATOLOGY Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf 4. Total RBC for men? 4.0-6.0 Ans: B 5.

What is the major metabolically available storage form of iron in the body? Hemosiderin B. Transferrin D. Hemoglobin Ans: B 6.

The best source of active bone marrow from a 20-year old would be: A. Iliac Crest (hip) B. Femur (thigh) C.

Distal radius (forearm) D. Drivers Audio Hp Pavilion Zd8000. Tibia (shin) Ans: A 7.

Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Determination of relative size of RBC. MCHC Ans: B 8. Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Measurement of average weight of Hb/RBC. MCHC Ans: B 9. Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Evaluation of RBC saturation with Hb.

MCHC Ans: C 10. There are 3 classifications of Anemia. Canon Ei-5100 Manual Download Free Apps there. What are they? In adequate production of Hb B. Decreased RBC production C.

Increased Erythrocyte destruction D. Blood loss Ans: A 11. Vitamin B12 and folic have the similar adverse effects, but what separates one form the other? No neurological symptoms in folic acid C. Muscle wasting D.

Canon Waste Ink Absorber Pixma Ip4800 Reset Software. Dizziness Ans: B 12. Folic acid therapy can cause sickle cell anemia A. False Ans: B 13. Both vitamin B12 AND iron have drug interactions with which of the following drugs? PPI, H2 blockers B. Methyldopa C.

Metformin Ans: A 14. Hydroxyurea increases hemoglobin production and decreases reticulocyte cells. False Ans: A 15. Hydroxyurea: A. Decreases nitric oxide B.

Increases neutrophil and monocytes C. Inhibits DNA synthesis by acting as a ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor Ans: C 16.

Hydroxyurea increases the serum uric acid levels. False Ans: A 17. Decitabine increases the fetal hemoglobin production by inducing methylation of DNA and thus prevents the switch from gamma to beta-globin production.

False Ans: B 18. Hypocupremia is seen in A. Osetoporosis, nephrotic disease B. Sprue, cliac disease C.

Cardiovascular disease, colon cancer D. All of the above Ans: F 19. Wilsons disease can cause liver problems A. False Ans: A 20. What are the treatment options for wilson’s disease? Pencillamine B.

Riboflavin C. Potassium disulfide E.

A, B and C G. A, C, and D H. A, C, D, and E Ans: H 21.

Aplasia can occur because of riboflavin deficiency? False Ans: A 22. Angular stomatitis.cheilosis is a symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency? False Ans: B 23.

Antimalarial drugs and high dose birth control will increase riboflavin. False Ans: B 24. Which test can be used to detect hemolytic anemia? Coombs test B. Genetic testing C.

Peripheral blood smear (PBS) D. Schilling test Ans: A 25. Which anemia is classified as not being able to use iron properly to synthesize hemoglobin because of a inherited cause. Iron deficiency anemia B. Hypochromic anemia C. Aplastic anemia Ans: B 26. Apalstic anemia can be induced by drugs such as Litium, acetazolamide and aspirtin A.

False Ans: A 27. This fatal disorder results from clot/thrombus formation in the blood ciruclation A. Thromboembolism B.

Pulmonary embolism E. All of the above Ans: E 28. Homan’s sign is classified as pain behind the knee A. False Ans: A 29. Patients that are sensitive to aspirin can take: A. Sulfinpyrazone B.

Clopidogrel C. Ticlopidine D.

2 and 3 Ans: E 30. What is the life span of RBC A. 80 Ans: A 31. This drug can potentiate the effect of prostacyclins to antagonize platelet stickiness and therefore decreases platelet adhesion to thrombogenic surfaces. Sulfinpyrazone B. Dipyridamole C.

Ticlopidine Ans: B 32. Which drug can be given as a prophylaxis for cadriovascular effects? Ticlopidine 2. Clopidogrel 3. Dipyridamol A.

2 and 3 Ans: D 33. Which drug can increase intracellular levels of cAMP by inhibiting cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase? Sildenafil 2. Ticlopidine 3. Clopidogrel 4. Dipyridamol A. 1, 4 Ans: C 34.

Warfarin should be used with caution in the following: A. Alcoholic liver disease B. Gastrointestinal bleeding C. Recent neurosugery D.