Canon Pixma Ip2600 Service Manual


I bought this printer in 2009 before college, and boy did I love it! I still do love it, and I plan to take it with me to grad school. I am sure in the past 5 years of use, this printer did stutter and jam several times. But for the most part, my impression of my printer is a positive one. I got this for less than $100, so I think I got this for a bargain. I guess the price went up.

Canon Pixma Ip2600 Service Manual

This printer is not the fastest, but it got the job done. You have to manually manipulate the papers and printing settings to get double-sided printing (which I made mistakes with several times). Download Driver For Hp Officejet J4500 Desktop. The printing quality was very much sufficient for essays and lecture notes with images.

I am too cheap to use expensive ink to print photos with this, but I am sure people liked it for its intended purpose. It is loud when it prints, so if you live in a 3-person, tiny dorm room like I did freshman year, late-night printing would be a bit rude. Love this printer, and i hope I can keep using it! More like 'best-kept secret.'

$30 is a STEAL for print quality at this level. In 10 minutes anyone half-serious about photography or digital color can have this little thing churning out some decidedly nice looking output on a wide variety of stock. Think color space. Adobe Photoshop Top Secret Pdf Printer here. Hack Fb Lewat Hp Samsung on this page. Then think luminance. Spend 10 minutes calibrating this thing and, erm, holy cow. Bright, screen-true prints with bandless gradients and a dynamic range that'll handle almost anything the 8-bit world can throw at it.