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There are many ways to define the printer in sap side. For frontend printing (uses access method G or F), you can have different printer name for different device type to use. I have ZLOCAL1 uses device type =SWIN, ZLOCAL2 uses device type=PDF1 and ZLOCAL3 usese device type=POST2. But the host printer field needs to use __DEFAULT which means it goes to the workstation PC 's default printer (on the pc side, you might have more than 1 printer added, but 1 printer needs to set to as default printer. This default printer it based on what feature it has, some printers does not have PS simms, then they have to use ZLOCAL1 to print, if the printer has PS simms then they can use ZLOCAL3, If the printer can support PDF printing then the user can use ZLOCAL2 to print.

Un Romanzo Di Sciascia

Candido ovvero Un sogno fatto in Sicilia Gli Adelphi PDFovvero Un sogno fatto in Sicilia Data di rilascio: 2. Autore: Leonardo Sciascia. Editore: Adelphi. Formato disponibile: PDF, ebook, epub, textbook, kindle. Candido Di Sciascia Pdf Merger. Per Candido Munafo, giovane mite, testardo e riflessivo, le cose sono sempre semplici.

The user needs to train which ZLOCAL# to use for their printing. If you go to use access method L, then this wil go to specific printer. So, you have to know what you want to do. And which method is best for your environment and your user need. You can use any printer name in sap side when you define the printer, you need to know what you want to do.

You also need to know you want to use frontend printing G or F vs use L access method. Or use access method E. Php Mini Projects With Source Code And Documentation. I don't see any screen shot in here and I could not know how you define the printer definition on sap side.

Not sure you can post the email in here or not. If so, that would be great. In my environment I have printers defined uses G and most of the printers uses access method E. Frontend printing is only for small printing. If large amount of printing it needs to send the job to print server. In our environment, we don't like to use lpr (access method L).

Hello friends, I tried all. I begin to give up. Is it possible to configure one LOCL printer (user does not have to choose a printer by document type), and know also print PDF and smat forms? I work in a hospital.

Till now we had only smart forms. PDF is new in our SAP system. We need to give the doctors and nurses the easiest way to work and print. We don't want them to have to choose a printer. And we don't want to manage the printers in SAP (spad ect,). We manage them only on our printer server.

That's why we want to continue useing their PC default printers (LOCL) Thank you.

Using Windows 10? There’s a Built-in Print to PDF Feature If you’re using Windows 10, you’re in luck, because they finally included a print to PDF feature natively into the operating system. So you can just choose File ->Print from any application, and then print to the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option as your printer. It’s possible that some other solutions might do a better job, but you should really try this option out since it doesn’t require installing anything. Descargar Driver Epson Tm-u325. Install a PDF Printer Windows doesn’t include a built-in PDF printer, but it does include one that prints to.

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