Apache Php Mysql Windows 7


• • • • • • • • • • • • These are instructions for installing on Windows 7 desktop (they may also be useful for a server install with some thought to security) using individual components rather than a one click installer. This is intended only as a testing/evaluation install via 'localhost'. Proper server configuration and security is not considered. NOTE: This assumes that you are comfortable with administering a Windows system and can use the command line.

Tutorial Install Apache Php Mysql Windows 7

Xerox 700p Monitor Driver there. How to install web server on Windows 10 (Apache 2.4, PHP 7, MySQL 8.0 and phpMyAdmin) 1. Downloading Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin. Apache, mysql, php and.

I never use Windows and I managed, but this may not be the quickest or most efficient way to do things. Make sure your Windows installation is in good shape, you clear out all the junk and stuff making it run slower (because installing all this server software certainly isn't going to make it run faster!) and that you have installed any outstanding updates. ANOTHER NOTE: Watch out for the irritating 'Do you want this program to get control of your computer' window that comes up at various stages. Sometimes it didn't appear but you do see a shield dimly flashing in the task bar. Click and say yes. Contents • • • • • • • • Step 1: Install MySQL • Install the MySQL database server on your PC. We will do this using the 'MSI' one-click installer for Windows.

Go to and download the 'MySQL Installer for Windows'. At the time of writing this was from a very obvious graphic at the top of the screen (which I missed the first time). • Run the installation. • Install MySQL products • Accept the license • Allow the version check (optional) • At 'Choose a Setup Type' accept the 'Developer Default' and click Next • A number of downloads of required software may be identified. Click Execute and follow onscreen instructions to install them.

• At 'Installation progress' screen, hit Execute - the MySQL software will be installed • At 'Configuration overview' hit Next to go to the basic configuration screen. • Accept all the defaults on the 'MySQL Server Configuration' and hit Next. • On the password screen, supply a password for the 'root' (main administrator) user. Make sure it's one you won't forget.

You can also create a 'User' account just for Moodle with more restricted access if you like. This would be good practice on a public server but just using the 'root' user will suffice for testing. • On the Service details page, accept the defaults and hit Next and then Next a couple more times for the configuration progress.

• Click Finish. • MySQL Workbench will open. Under Server Administration (right hand column, double click 'Local MySQL56' (or whatever you called it). A box should pop up asking for the root password. Enter the password you supplied • The server management screen should appear. You don't have to worry too much about this.

It just shows the install is working. Step 2: Install Apache • Install the Apache web server on your PC. Scroll down the page until you find the download for the 'Apache 2.4 win32 binaries' and download. Hp Officejet J6480 All-in-one Printer Manual. You need to be careful that the module dll in PHP matches the version of Apache you install.

Apache won't load otherwise. • Unzip the file into C:. Megarry And Wade The Law Of Real Property Pdf Printer on this page. You should end up with a directory 'Apache24' (or whatever the latest version is). • Find Start >All programs >Accessories >Command Prompt. BUT, right click, and select 'Run as administrator'. • Enter the following commands cd Apache24 bin httpd -k install httpd -k start.you may well get a warning about the server name. Don't worry about it.

Don't close this window, you will need it again in a minute. • To test it worked type ' into your browser. You should get a screen up to the effect that Apache is installed and working.

Step 3: Install PHP • Now install the PHP scripting language on your PC. In the current stable release section click on link for Windows 5.x.x binaries and source. Scroll down to the newest 'Zip' for VC14 x86 Thread Safe (non thread safe doesn't have the Apache dll. The VC version may be different, and you may need x64 version) PHP (again, the newest versions of PHP didn't have this but it shouldn't matter) and download. *Don't* be tempted to use the Microsoft Installer version; it won't work. • Open the zip file and extract to C: PHP • In a console window, type php -v to see if it worked. (You may need to set up your PATH.