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Thin Book Of Soar Pdf

It's an architectural plan linked as eps in indesign the one I'd like to convert to pdf. In Indesign High quality display mode, in a 'fit to windows zoom' I see very smooth and thin lines and everything seems perfect. I convert that page in pdf but in zoom at the same level I see very thick lines!

I know they just look like that because if I zoom them everything is as it should be but in an aerial view isn't properly rendered. Drivers Hp Compaq 6820s Windows 10 there. Is there an option in the pdf conversion I should check? I can use both print pdf or export.

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Let me know please! Hp Data Protector Express Keygen Generator. Mz 21/2/2009, 2:58 น. If the lines are really too thick - as shown by zoom, where the linewidth grows proportionally - then the information is already in the PDF. Perhaps by applying 'Fix Hairlines' in AcrobatPro. If the original vector lines in the EPS a very thin - which happens for instance by downscaling a technical drawing - then PostScript systems are handling this case like zero linewidth: the thinnest device pixel line is shown.

In Acrobat use Edit >Preferences >Page Display >SmoothLineArt=Off The line is shown for all zoom factors by one-pixel rendering. For SmoothLineArt=On, the line looks considerably thicker, but the visual linewidth is still independent of the zoom factor. So far actually tested by CS2. I'm programming plenty graphics directly by PostScript as EPS', place in ID or PageMaker and export as PDF. It happened never that a sufficiently thick line was rendered thicker in the PDF. The remedy is IMO: use Fix Hairlines with a sufficiently large minimal linewidth, for instance 0.3 mm.

Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann 31/3/2009, 14:12 น. Aleks, It's not the same problem at all. The lines in the original post appeared to be too thick -- and that's because they were drawn at the minimum thickness (1 pixel) on a zoomed out screen, and without using Acrobats advanced drawing settings. The original file is actually perfectly allright -- as can be seen by zooming in and/or printing the file on a moderately high rez printer. Your problem is that the lines are too thick. I'm writing a document in Word.