Survey Programs For Hp Calculators

Survey Programs For Hp Calculators

Quick Links The HP48GX has long been the #1 tool for Land Surveyors and Engineers. Since its introduction as the replacement for the venerable HP41CX, it has garnered almost exclusivity among the Land Surveying and Engineering industries due to its expandable memory, programmability, and communications capabilities. The HP48GX really took over in the Land Surveying industry when Tripod Data Systems started making add-on COGO and data collection cards that were a godsend to field surveyors and office surveyors alike. Later, SMI and RAMSS, among others, joined in, and the HP48GX became an industry standard. Now, Hewlett Packard has discontinued the HP48GX in favor of the HP49G+, which really is an all-around more powerful calculator. However, we're faced with a couple of problems. The HP48GX is the only calculator that industry leaders TDS, SMI, and RAMSS make COGO cards for.

HP 35s scientific calculator user's guide H Edition 1 HP part number F2215AA-90001. Hewlett Packard's own programs for the HP48 programmable graphic calculator. These programs were made by Hewlett Packard, although they are unsupported. The first size listed is the file size; the second size listed is the size of the program on the HP.

The HP48GX is the only calculator that has data collection modules available for Land Surveyors. The HP48GX is the only calculator that environmental cases are made for. The HP48GX has a serial cable interface that allows it to hook up to most total stations, which the HP49G+ does not. These reasons are way more than enough to continue the HP-48GX as the reigning king of Engineering and Land Surveying calculators. Luckily, you can still find new and used HP-48 calculators through outlets like and You'll tend to pay more than you used to, but it's still worth it.

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Driver Minolta Printer Canon Mp237 Windows 8. For more information: • • • • Not sure which calculator is right for you? The links below may help you out: To shop for your new HP48GX or for HP48 books, programs, or accessories, just click on the appropriate icon below. Potter & Thomas Adams by Don LaTorre, Donald Kreider, and T.G.

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