Hp Laptop With Vista Freezes After Sleep


Trying Windows 10 again on my HP-15 laptop and I've noticed that when I put the laptop to sleep by pressing the power button (which I have set to sleep), when I wake it up by moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard it wakes and the desktop appears, but then a second later it freezes and i have to press control alt delete (which takes a minute to respond) and then press task manager to get out of it. Invalid Serial Number Hp 6730s. When it freezes the mouse curses will show that circle thing and nothing works (whatever I click etc) though I can move the cursor around. If I try to sleep again after I break out of the freeze it works fine, I can wake and no freeze. But if I shutdown or restart the laptop the first time I make it sleep it freezes. I've tried some things including rolling back the IME driver (which fixed a shutdown issue and is a recommended fix for hp laptops with shutdown/sleep issues), making sure I have all updates, that the keyboard and mouse have the wake up setting checked etc.

Windows 8.1, which I upgraded from, worked perfectly with this. My roommate has same laptop and he has same exact issue. Thanks for any suggestions. It would take looking at the logs, events and Resources under Administrator Tools. It could just be a resident process from some third party software that you have installed. Depending on how long this has been going on, depends on what piece of software or process that could have been changed by Microsoft Updates could be the culprit.

Hp Laptop Freezes Then Unfreezes

The last discussion on this was Hibernate was the culprit. Ryder Quantum Field Pdf Printer here. Xerox 700p Monitor Driver here. Try disabling that from the Command Window with powercfg /h off You can also look in the power logs to see what can be the cause of this issue. This has been an issue since Windows 7.

After Windows 10 update there a couple of problems. 1) As I already posted in another post. My laptop locks up after it goes to 'Sleep' and I must push the power button in order to get it to wake up from 'sleep'. I have read some of the other posts concerning that and nothing works yet. Hp Deskjet 3816 Driver Windows 7. Aug 26, 2018  System hangs up after waking up from sleep mode Just upgraded my desktop (HP e9150t) to Windows 7 (should have done clean install instead.) and the system often (but not every time) freezes up after coming out of sleep mode (never happened while running Vista).