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Jul 07, 2004  The manual of the L2335 makes the back of it look a good deal different than that of the f2304. Anyone have or could take a picture of the back of the L2335? Thanks in advance. Epson 3800 Manual Front there.

Summary HP may have intended the L2335 for the graphic design market, but what they may not have realized is that hardcore gamers will be drooling over this monitor for their ultimate gaming setup. With a 16ms response rate, the LP2335 plays games just as good, if not better, than traditional CRT monitors. Add to that the 16:9 widescreen format, component video input and a 1920×1200 native resolution and the L2335 will also make a fantastic HDTV display. Graphic designers that want more versatility than the Apple Cinema display will find the L2335 a better solution. With its pivot capabilities and very adjustable neck this monitor should please even the most demanding. The LCD display is sharp, colorful and very bright thanks to the LG Electronics LCD panel it uses. Those looking for an LCD monitor with more television like features will want to pay the extra few hundred dollars and go for the which uses the same LCD display as the L2335 but also adds integrated speakers and a more stylish consumer friendly aesthetic design.

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So if you are looking for an LCD display that you plan on having a long-term relationship with, the L2335 just might be the one for you. Program Stock Barang Php File. * We would like to thank the readers in the and Designtechnica forums for their input and user experience with this product. Introduction It has been drilled in your head for years: you can’t game on an LCD monitor.

Until recently, LCD monitors didn’t have a fast enough response time to keep up with the fast-paced graphics of today’s games and action-packed movies. Hewlett-Packard aims to crush that notion with the release of their L2335, a 23-inch widescreen monitor targeted toward graphic designers, hardcore gamers and those simply wanting a high-end display. With its pivot capabilities and its numerous adjustability options, the L2335 turns out to be a very versatile monitor capable of playing a number of roles. Gamers may find it to be the ultimate solution due to its clean look, extra real-estate, and super smooth 16ms response rate. With a retail price of around $1799 it won’t be on everyone’s shopping list, but those that can (or choose to) afford it should be quite happy. The HP L2335 features a minimalistic design Features and Design We were told by HP that the L2335 uses an LCD panel manufactured as a joint venture between LG Electronics and Philips.