Hp Deskjet F4580 Wireless Setup Ipad To Print

Hp Deskjet F4580 Wireless Setup Ipad To Print

I would not waste the time if I were you. When I finally got the instructions I needed and attempted to use the app for my non-EPrint printer, it was in no way an easy process. I eventually scrapped all efforts to print from our iPhones and iPad. The only way to use the printer is to first fire up the HP app and then submit print jobs directly through the app (so you have to open a web session from within the HP app, or open pictures from there, not through the native i-device web and photos apps).

Even when you do manage to get the print job you want submitted, it either times out and doesn't print or the format and content of what does print is no where close to what you are intending. It is much easier and a lot less time & ink paper costs to just email things to myself and then walk over to my desktop to print them. Chris Jimenez, HP user and IT professional.

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