Hp Compaq Invalid Electronic Serial Number

Hp Compaq Invalid Electronic Serial Number

I have a hp M7360 media pc and i had to get it replaced because of a code purple error and they put a new motherboard in which is the same exact one as the old one, but now when i go to system info or help and support it lists my pc as an m7350n and mine is suppose to be a m7360n? On the system info it now shows a different product name,product number, and serial number from the original serial number and product number that is on the back of my pc. What can i do for my system to show the right info again when i click on hp pavillion support information? Are you sure they didn't put a slightly diffrent board in? The serial and product number will change when the motherboard is relaced. The new motherboard isn't going to have the same serial as the last. If it is showing somthing diffrent then what the old one was then they probably put a diffrent board in.

Invalid Electronic Serial Electronic serial number has become corrupted. Number Network Server Mode Active Keyboard failure while Network Server Mode enabled. Apr 15, 2014  serial number not found hp,compaq laptop حل مشكلة. Fix Missing Serial / Product Numbers for HP COMPAQ Laptops - Duration.

If you want to check it then download CPU-z and it will tell you what is in the system. If it tells you the same thing then they gave you diffrent parts is all. It is the same model and type of board which they put in but now instead of my computer showing up as a m7360n it shows up as an m7350. So what do i do when i have to call HP for technical help or any other kind of help and they ask me for my product number and serial number? I have always given them the product and serial number that is embedded on the back of my pc which also used to show everytime i click on the help and support icon but now since they replace my motherboard when i go and click on the hp pavillion support icon or the help and support icon it shows a new product and serial number and i dont know if i should give them that one or the original which is embedded in the back of my pc?

Also now another dilemma that im having is if my pc is still a m7360n or a m7350? Hp did not send you a defective motherboard.

They did not send you someones elses bad motherboard. Canon Multifunction Printer K10356 Software. Hp Compaq Thin Client T5000 Review there. Yelling at hp will do no good. I am a certified hp field tech. What happens is this. Since hp no longer makes new motherboards for any computer over about 1 year old, they remanufacture the board that have a problem and recertify them for replacement. When a motherboard in a familly is replaced the DMI information that is on the eeroms of the motherboard will reflect the information that was there the last time it was used in a system.