Hp 35s Surveying Programs


HP 35s Extended User’s Manual ALSO SEE Dr Hazeltton’s programs for Surveyors and Geomatics Engineers. This Page is Under Construction. Some hyperlinks are. Hp 33s and 35s Stakeout Software Puts the Comfort Level Back in the Classroom and Test Site with Hp 33s and 35s Surveying Solutions The HP 33S and 35s is approved for the NCEES test and these programs are written for the HP 32 with limited memory and the HP33s with 32k.

Color Atlas Of Hematology Glassy Pdf Printer. I have typed in the D'Zign routines along with others found on the internet. But none of those hold a candle to programs written by Ted Madson.

Hp 35s Surveying Programs

Ted's program stores up to 200 points, and work much like a data collector. You enter a traverse, then recall coordinates, or inverse between points. He has nearly every survey routine needed, and it can be used in the FS and PS exams. Automatic Flight Control Systems Donald Mclean Pdf Printer there. Here is a link to Ted's Ted also provides a using these programs.

The pre-program HP35S is included in the course. They do NOT make the sourced code public. You either buy a pre-programmed HP35S from them, or send them your HP35S and they will program it for you. Here are the programs: • Adds and subtracts angles in HMS format. • Converts Bearings to Azimuths and vice versa. • Computes all elements of a horizontal curve when provided with most of two combinations of curve elements.

• Applies magnetic declinations to bearings or azimuths and displays the resultant bearings and azimuths. • Computes the Present Value, Future Value and Mortgage Payment for a sum. • Computes the Present Value and Future Value of an annuity. • Performs photogrammetric computations for flight height, focal length and map scale. • Contains database storage for up to 200 points. • Initiates point storage for up to 200 coordinate values. • Traverses by distance and bearing, azimuth, angle or deflection • Inverses between coordinates.

• Inverses between latitudes/longitudes and displays distance in miles. • Performs Intersections (Azimuth/Azimuth, Distance/Distance, and Distance/Azimuth) based on User input. • Recalls and displays coordinate values (North and East) by inputting a coordinate number. • Stores a coordinate value (North and East) by inputting a coordinate number as well as the North and East coordinate values. Operation Flashpoint Red River Keygen Free Download. • Computes tape corrections • Computes all elements of a triangle when provided with three of the triangle elements (side, angle or area - excepting only three angles known). • Computes all elements of a vertical curve. • Computes the area in square feet and acres of a tract circumscribed by coordinate points.

• Hydrology: Computes a value for 'Q' from runoff data. • Hydrology: Computes pipe size in inches.

• Hydrology: Computes values for 'V' and 'Q' for a 'V' ditch. • Hydrology: Computes values for 'V' and 'Q' for a 'Box' ditch. • Hydrology: Computes values for 'V' and 'Q' for a 'Trapezoidal' ditch.

• Computes section breakdowns. • Divides lines into parts per user specification. • Contains an index to view the names and locations of the several programs in the LSS Surveying Miracle Software. Marcus, post: 386075, member: 11568 wrote: I was wondering if anyone has created or used Surveying programs for the HP 35s?

I want to program mine for calculating vertical curves, COGO and other Surveying calcs but do not know how to program them in properly. Does anyone know where to find the best info that show me how to input the programs?

Sent from my XT1093 using Tapatalk After googling I found a free full cogo suite but that was years ago. Honestly the 35 s isn't the most friendly field calculator. There's no cable to dl programs and most take 5+ minutes of manual entry but if you search you should find the exact keystroke sequences on Google somewhere. I love HP rpn functionality but it's not the best surveying tool. Canon Dm-xm1 User Manual.