How To Create Pdf Reports In Php


There are several situations where a dynamic PDF file is a great solution to offer digital documents right in your web application. Canon 2000x Camcorder Manual here. Think about order documents in your eCommerce application, coupons for your marketing campaign or just the PDF version from your web page. Driver Printer Canon Pixma Ip 1100 Minnesota. There are plenty of situations were a dynamic PDF document is a great way to solve problems, too. Using PHP it’s possible generate those PDF files. As a developer, you can use several free PHP classes and there is also the PDFlib library which is a commercial product. This list is a showcase of the most popular and libraries.

Generate PDF files using PHP The following classes are written to generate PDF files “from the scratch” by using native PHP functions: FPDF The class is written for PHP4 and was the first free PHP script for creating PDF files “on the fly”. I’ve used this class 8 years ago to generate PDF documents in several eCommerce applications.

This class can generate reports in Excel, HTML and PDF formats from arrays of data. It takes arrays of data that define the contents and format of cells of a spreadsheet and it generates an spreadsheet file using the PHPExcel package in several formats like Excel, HTML and PDF. FPDF PDF Generation from MySQL using PHP We have a MySQL table containing the same data that we have in a text file for previous FPDF-PDF generation tutorial. We read this data into an array and pass it to the FPDF function to generate code.

The project website offers great documentation and also a lot of useful code examples. The latest version is from June 2011 and I hope the next version is written for PHP5. The original version doesn’t support UTF-8, but since a while there is class extension named tFPDF which supports UTF-8. TCPDF Like many other PDF scripts is the project based on FPDF, too. The TCPDF class was in the beginning a rewrite for PHP5 with the support for UTF-8. Now is this project a great PDF generator with great image functions including support for the CMYK color mode.

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