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THE CLUB HEALTHPOINTE PROGRAM – Where Optimal Wellness Is The Point. The Club Healthpointe™ Program uses proven weight-loss concepts in an easy-to-follow manner.

The program ensures that every client experiences a lifestyle shift by consuming real food to aid weight-loss and weight-management. Club Healthpointe™ encourages healthy snacking as well as balanced meals. There is no strenuous exercise involved, which makes this an ideal program for real, everyday people to follow with ease.

Finally, an optimal wellness program that will improve your health, your life and your lifestyle. HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Are you aware of your body’s functioning systems? Qtp 11 Free Download Hp on this page.

Through Healthpointe’s intensive weight management programs, you can embark on a life-changing transformation by losing weight and gaining health. Weight Management and Diet Program Our Weight Management and Diet []. Cara Share Printer Lewat Wifi Windows 10. During the HealthPointe 2.0 program you will. Request to hear from a dedicated weight management coach in your area within the next 48 hours.

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A comprehensive, full body analysis for 22 of the body’s vital systems, including cardiovascular, liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal systems is available from Club Healthpointe. Contact Club Healthpointe for a personalized health assessment today. W EIGHT LOSS Do you have a weight-loss goal? Allow Club Healthpointe to coach you through a weight-management program that ensures weight-loss in a healthy, sustainable way. SUPPLEMENTATION Are you confused about what kinds of supplementation you should be taking? Do constant adverts and fad-products promising quick fixes leave you demotivated? Club Healthpointe is able to provide you with a personalized review of the vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies that your body is suffering from, tailor made to educate you about the correct use of supplementation.

SKIN CARE Do you want radiant, healthy skin that is protected against the ageing process? Club Healthpointe’s Skin Care system comes with credible research and product development that leads to a simple yet effective skin care regimen.

Lindora Clinic Lindora is a weight loss clinic that began in Newport Beach, California, in 1971. The clinic founder, Marshall Stamper, M.D., came up with the program after losing his mother to an obesity-related illness. Stamper believed that his program design could educate individuals how to live a healthy lifestyle. The goal was to lose weight quickly and safely. The Lindora Clinic still maintains a separate program for weight loss, but enhanced the original design to develop a franchising system known as Healthpointe 2.0. Healthpointe System Healthpointe is a comprehensive weight-loss system that provides menus and tools designed to help you reach a healthy weight and maintain it.

According to the company website, the plan begins with the kick-start program which offers ten diversified menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are nutritionally balanced and portioned. The points system teaches you how to shop effectively while staying within the diet guide. Healthpointe is not a prepackaged meal system like other commercial diet plans. You purchase and cook your own food based on the menu. Healthpointe Stage One: Weight Loss The Healthpointe system works in two stages.