Free Gaming Ladder Script Php Untuk

Free Gaming Ladder Script Php Untuk Program

My Gaming Ladder - Gaming Ladder and Tournament Scripts My Gaming Ladder Combo System [Version 7.7 2016 Edition] Our Premium Product with Ladders, Tournaments and much more, all in one Advanced Software Package. Combo System Professionally designed ranking scripts for online gaming leagues and ladders. Inbuilt tournament system included. Features:• Fully automated ladder ranking system allowing an unlimited number of ladders. • Can be run as a stand-alone web site or integrated into a pre-existing site. • Teams/Players ranked using complex ranking algorithm for more accurate ranking.

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• Customizable ranking system to suit your needs. • Installed easily in minutes. • Fully customizable design. • Ability to Edit Ladder and Tournament general settings from control panel.

• Suitable for all game types especially action games, sports, card&board games and strategy games. • Built in theme system allowing you to switch between different layouts and designs in seconds. Hp Ewa Keygen Bandicam. • Users can select their own themes which activate when they login.

• Design your own themes easily, if desired. • Alternatively, integrate the ladder code into your web site design. HTML knowledge required. • Create unlimited ladders for team play or 1v1 play.

Users need only sign up once. • Advanced Admin system with separate admin accounts for each admin. • Multiple admin access levels. Assign varying access rights to different admin accounts. • Admins can report matches and edit challenges. • Higher level admins can ban ips, edit/create ladders and edit/create admin accounts.

• Fully automated and highly advanced challenge feature. • Each ladder can be set by you to be challenge-only, open-play only or both together.

• Rank, last rank, wins, losses, games played, streak, win percentage etc. Recorded for each player account. • Full contact info for each player and team account including email, website, MSN, AIM, Yahoo etc. • Personal profile for each player and team including all their contact information, stats and logo. • Country flag for each player and team which shows in profiles and on ladder.

• Fully automated sign-up and validation system. • Completely automated ladder system, standings and statistics updated immediately after report. • Player login to report matches, change account details and make challenges. • Team leaders can login and invite/add new members to their team account. • Match page listing all recent match results and details. • Optional banner rotation.

• Lightning fast MySql database. • Rules and staff page can be changed from admin control panel. • Search page allowing users to search for individuals or teams.

• Newsletter function allowing admins to email all users on the ladder system. • News shown on main page, either in headline format or in full story. Hp Photosmart 2575 Driver more. • Choose whether to have user or admin validation of accounts. • Complete tournament system allowing multiple tournaments to be run at the same time.

• Run fully automated tournaments with anywhere from 4 to 512 players/teams per tournament. • Players can sign up to tournaments using ladder team accounts. • Support for numerous tournament types including double elimination. • Admins can report tournament results to ladder system with click of a button. • Tournaments can be run by admins via the ladder admin control panel. • Admins can create,delete or edit tournaments with ease from the admin control panel. • Admins can open/close signups, add/edit tournament rules and descriptions and much more.

• Fully automated visual brackets webpage showing latest results and progress to all. • NEW: Full PayPal integration. Charge via paypal for entry to Tournaments and Ladders. • They are yours to do with as you please provided you do not violate our.

Live Examples of the Combo System in action: Live demo of the Combo System in action on customer sites are included below. • Example 1 - Clan Gaming League For a full demo of our combo system, including our admin section, please follow the link at the top of the page, under the main graphic. Further example sites, showing different themes, and aimed at different games, are available on request. Requirements: • Web Server or webspace on a web server. • Ability to run PHP scripts (PHP 4+). • 1 MySql Database Included with every purchase: • Lifetime ownership of software. • Five free themes.