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View and Download Eddie Bauer Surefit user manual online. Infant car seat 4-35 lbs (1.8-15.9 kg) 32 in. (81.2 cm) or less. Surefit Car Seat pdf manual download. Car Seat Recalls/Defects & Safety Notices – Archive 2018. Alpha Omega & Eddie Bauer 3. Infant Seats 452, 453, 455, 460, 480, 481, 740.

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• Fill Out For Credit Card K Visa K Mastercard Card Exp. Date: ______________________________ Cardholder’s Name: __________________________ Card Number: ______________________________ Signature____________________________________ Alpha Omega ® Elite/Luxe Deluxe 3-In-1 Owner’s Manual www.djgusa.com This child restraint is designed for use by children whose: Weight: 5-100 pounds (2.3-45. Operation Flashpoint Resistance Download Full. 4 kg) • 3:08 PM Page 3 Before You Begin. Thank you for choosing this car seat, referred to throughout this manual as a child restraint.The DJG family is committed to creating a child restraint with the most comfort and convenience available today. • 4358-3340D Elite_Lux 3/13/06 3:08 PM Page 5 WARNING Failure to follow these warnings can result in the serious injury or death of your child. To help you recognize those instructions which are most critical for your child’s safety, we use this symbol According to accident statistics, children are safer when properly restrained in the rear seating positions than in the front. • 4358-3340D Elite_Lux 3/13/06 3:08 PM Page 7 WARNING Do not use this child restraint if the midpoint of your child’s head is above the top of the child restraint’s headrest.

Dorel Juvenile Group does not recommend the use of any child restraint accessories except those recommended by DJG. • 4358-3340D Elite_Lux 3/13/06 3:08 PM Page 9 Understanding Your Vehicle Your vehicle’s features may be considerably different than those pictured here. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to help identify your vehicle’s specific features. A. Lbp 2900 Canon Printer Drivers. Anchor Bracket For Top Anchorage Strap (Forward-Facing Only) LATCH Anchors (In seat bight) Seat Buckles. • 4358-3340D Elite_Lux 3/13/06 3:08 PM Page 11 Child Restraint Parts Headrest/Harness Harness Retainer Adjusting Levers Buckle Plate Pillow Buckle (on select models) Side Pad Adjustable (on select models) Headrest Harness Release Infant Insert Lever (under flap) (on select models) Recline Lever Harness Covers Harness (on select models) • 4358-3340D Elite_Lux 3/13/06 3:08 PM Page 13 Choosing Restraint and Position Your child’s height, weight and age determine how your child restraint should be placed in the vehicle and which restraint should be used. 5-35 lbs (2.3-16 kg) 19-36 in. Manual For Xerox Memory Writer 6251.

(48-91 cm) Rear-Facing using 5-point harness Child and child restraint. • 4358-3340D Elite_Lux 3/13/06 3:08 PM Page 15 Place the child’s bottom and back flat against the child restraint.This will increase comfort and allow the harness to properly tighten. Driver Printer Hp Laserjet M1132 Mfp For Mac on this page. Determine which of the three available buckle slots is both comfortable and snug. • 4358-3340D Elite_Lux 3/13/06 3:08 PM Page 17 Securing Your Child in the Child Restraint Position harness straps over the child’s shoulders. Push each buckle plate into buckle until you hear a “click”. Remember to always pull up on harness straps to make sure buckle is locked tightly.