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Rc6 Ir Remote Driver

Please can you provide me with the link of the drivers for the infrared remote control, the vista drivers and the available win 7 64 bit drivers are - 6006163.

Hey Guys So I finally made the move over to Windows 7 and also omy first time since XP x64 using a x64 based system. Everything looks alright untill i looked through my device manager, and I was left with one device after all those update that just would not update. Ive done alot of research and i know 100% its related to my hp HID mini remote control which obviously isn't working. Hp Install A Fatal Error Occurred Preventing Product Use Test. I tried downloading hp updates 'Quick Launch Updates' for i beleive 6 different notebook types.

But when i try to unzip the file it tells me its currupted 'i mean all 6 file versions'??? So that didnt work, I tried windows update but nothing. Is there anyone who could package me the windows HID remote control driver so i could try installing it manually?

Thank alot!!! Here is some pics of my missing hardware: Edited August 10, 2009 by ^nox. The driver you're looking for is the ENE CIR driver that can be found here: This solved my problem. If this doesn't work I can send you another version of it. Hey SirHumpsalot:) thansk for the promt reply, anyway i did test thsi verison of the driver i had my hopes up big time, it installed said the device is ready to use, but i tried the remote adn still nothing. So i checked device manager and saw that nothing has changed.

I figured maybe i need to reboot, but nothing. Epson Lq2550 Driver Windows 10 64 Bit here. Then i also tried isntalling the device manually searching for the driver, when i did i would either get 'Device cant start as it cant load some componenets of the driver' or 'Device cannot start':P Do you have any other ideas?:) Thanks again for all your help! Try installing this driver: in comptablity mode (vista sp1), but before you install it install the latest Chipset Software Installation Utility for your laptop. If you still have your swsetup folder you can try installing the original driver from there Ok here is the solution.

The freaking battery was out! I cant believe that haha, that was the last thing i checked i just randomly bought another one today just to test it. Pilote Imprimante Hp F2280. Now the remote works, although the device still remains unknown without any driver support!:) Thanks soo much SirHumpsalot for your help anyway! Windows 7 is runing just perfect! Edited August 10, 2009 by ^nox.

Introducing the HP Windows Media Center Remote. This is perfect for use with our Intel NUC PCs. However it is also compatible with any Microsoft compatible RC6 IR receiver. If you are looking to take control of Windows Media Center on your new Intel NUC PC (if fitted with an IR receiver), then look no further than this compatible Infra-red remote control (IRRC). This is the ideal companion for your NUC based media system and allows you to easily navigate the menu system used by Windows Media Center. Features • The perfect remote for Intel NUC PC's fitted with an IR receiver • Microsoft RC6 compatible • Works with Windows Media Center • Windows 8 compatible Windows Media Center is supplied by default with all versions of Windows 7 however, if you plan to use Windows 8.1 rather than Windows 7 then please note that Media Center is available only as a to Windows 8.1. It's much cheaper to add it to the Pro version of Windows 8.1 than the standard version so we recommend that you purchase Windows 8.1 Pro in the first place in order to minimise expense.