Decode Zend Encoded Php File


In addition, it runs the files encoded by Zend Guard, while enhancing the running speed of PHP applications. Cancer Biology Roger King Pdf Printer. (using Zend Optimizer as the runtime PHP decoder).

Decode Mime Encoded Files

I will decode up to 2 encoded php files for £5 (1 order). The files will be decoded correctly. I can decode: • Zend Guard (php 5.2 - php 5.6), • SourceGuardian (php7.0, 7.1, 7.2), • PhpShield (php5.2 - 5.3), • PhpLockIt, • PhpCipher (I need the files and phpcipher.bin), • CodeLock (I need the files and codelock.php), • SourceCop, • Files containing base64_decode, globals, eval, gzinflate, rot13.

I cannot decode: • Zend Guard: files encoded with a license, corrupted or obfuscated files. • SourceGuardian: files restricted (locked) to a predefined IP addresses, domain names or LAN hardware addresses (MAC). Please send me the encoded files before placing an order (with “Contact me”) and I will let you know if I can decode them or not.

• Read • Send us your files • We send you back our offer including a part of decoded file • You make a clear payment (paypal or bitcoins) • We send you full decoded files NEW decoder! • $5 per file for IC v.7/8/9/10 (Files being decoded in less than 10min for PHP5.6-!) • Decode more than 9 IC files and pay just $2 per file! • $200 per file for IC with dynamic keys!

Detect File Type And Php more. • $15 per file for Sourceguardian (all versions) and IC v.10-PHP7+ • $5-$15 per file for Zend Guard • Decode more than 25 files and get huge discount! Analyze your IC file for FREE!

You don’t need silly encoders any more to protect your code!!! Keygen Php Maker 1188. Install Easyphp On Windows Server 2008. Obfuscate your code with our method and keep calm.

New Service!!! Do you a have an ioncube encoded script using license file? We can make a new license file with NO restrictions!