Cfa Level 2 Quicksheet Pdf Printer


LEvEl II SCHWESER’S QuickSheet Criti C al Co n C e p t s f o r t h e fa® ex a m. VII Responsibilities as a CFA Institute Member or CFA Candidate VII (A) Conduct.

Changes to curriculum 2017 Please follow these rules while using this subreddit. • Do not encourage/distribute illegal forms of study tools • Do not discuss exam questions during or after writing.

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Cfa Level 2 Quicksheet Pdf Printer

• Do not submit memes or advice animals. • Do not submit questions regarding general finance job seeking • No attempts at redirecting discussions to external forums • Avoid the use of anxious tones in posts related to testing • • Read the • • • • • • •. Dear CFA Subreddit, I know this topic has been done to death, but I will ask anyway. How did you prepare for level 1? What do you advise me? Some background on me and my plans. • I have a Masters in finance.

• I have a background in Finance, but I will not count on it. • I plan to take it in June 2018. • I took it in December 2016, but I was depressed (Exaggeration) and I couldn't motivate myself to study, so I failed. • There are 312 days till the exam from today • 44 weeks • 61 Readings (58 Reading, not including the economics readings) • Planning to start on the 27th of August, so 300 days) • 2 Readings per week (3 days for a reading, 1 day for revision.

I work full time) • 29-30 weeks gone from reading and solving EOC Questions (I plan to get Qbank for kaplan) • The remaining weeks will be for revisions with Qbank, Mock exams and anything you guys recommend? • Materials I will get CFAI Books, Kaplan Qbank and Mark Meldrum Videos (any recommendation?) • I will be following Mark Meldrum, study plans of topic Quantitative Methods >Fixed Income >Derivatives >Alternative investment Financial Reporting & Analysis >Equity Analysis >Corporate Finance >Portfolio analysis Economics >Ethics I would appreciate anyone's on thought and recommendation W3schools Php Tutorials Pdf. !!!! Here is my one piece advice for your situation: Write a mock exam stupid-early. Like, plan now to spend a Sat at your office in mid-March, tell everyone you're doing that. Then, don't even bring notes with you.

Just the printed mock. Do AM and PM in pencil on paper, timed, no interruptions (except lunch between). If you are over-prepared, you'll do okay on this. Most likely, there will be some content you've pretty much not touched. So, you'll get like 42%.

Then you'll feel bad, but you'll also be motivated to switch gears for 3 months. Your mock scores in June will probably be 15+ points higher.

You have detailed plan, which is fantastic. Canon Mf4100 Series Printer Drivers. The challenge is sticking to it. You give yourself 300 days - thats a very manageable 1 hour a day to get to 300 hours. With your background, it would seem that it is a matter of sticking to the plan, getting through the material, and then drilling over and over and over and over and over. MY two cents on your study plan is that you are starting a bit too early. No idea what your work schedule is like, but I do think that starting the study cycle in August could leave you with some gaps between the time you a) read the material b)drill the material and c) sit for the exam.

You don't mention your work schedule, but I would assume its a consideration when you built this timetable out? I'll suggest what I did as an alternative to your method: Start a bit later. I did December, but whenever I do LII I would likely shoot for November. Working full time I set a target of 14-16 hours a week, which easily got me over the 300 hours hump. I would do 90 min - 2 hours on weekdays, which allowed me to not dedicate all my weekends to studying (which also helped me stay sane!).

But the weekly schedule gave me flexibility to put more on my plate during the weeks/weekends depending on what I needed with my schedule. Foe example, I found that I really enjoyed only studyign 2-3 hrs a day on the weekend, so I started waking up earlier to study.

Whatever you do - stick to your schedule. Hell be a bit more aggressive! But you dont want to fall behind - procrastination it seems can really knock you off your game. You've got a ton of qualifications, and a wayyyy more detailed plan than I ever had - just stick to it (or whatever you decide to do) and I'm sure you will crush it! At the end of the day the best way to prepare for this this is to actually start working. Chipping away a little everyday/week. Read, work the problems, review material you've gone through already, and then have enough time to take some mocks.

It doesn't matter if you have 300 days, or you have 30 days. It's the hours and work that you can put in.

Did you read the material or a decent set of notes? Did you answer the questions? Did you work the examples? Free Download Installation Software Hp Laserjet P1005. Are you able to blow through mock exams with time to spare? With all that said. I was an L1 retaker.

I put in 400 hours over 5 months. Used Wiley notes for the first 3 months and read Ethics and FRA from the CFAI.