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Resetter Canon Pixma MG2470 Download Resetter Canon Pixma MG2470 Download– Canon PIXMA MG2470 printer is one of the most widely used, because Elain very kuta and able to do a variety of jobs printer is also quite stubborn and cheap. But if it has long been used PIXMA MG2470 will have problems in printing, the main problem is the error P07 / P08 and should be reset, the problem also occurs on the Canon Pixma MG2170 printer, the Pixma MG2270 and Pixma MG5270. Hopefully I gave this solution can be useful to the printer resetter canon Pixma MG2470 and MG2170 Canon Pixma, the Pixma MG2270 and Pixma MG5270. Early indications: When MG2470, MG2170, MG2270 and MG5270 is turned on, it will immediately appear error P07 / E08 on its LCD panel. And if we do a print command, the monitor screen will show The Ink Absorber is Almost Full Caption MG2170, MG2270 and MG5270 Error P07 and E08 on the screen as follows (sorry picture illustration only): Then how to cope with the Canon MG2470, MG2170, MG2270 and MG5270 Error P07 and E08: How to Reset Canon MG2170, MG2270 and MG5270 Error P07 and E08 • Turn on the printer, then in its LCD panel will display an error P07 / E08, and there is a description of The Ink Absorber is Almost Full on the screen of your monitor. • Download Resetter MG2170, MG2270 and MG5270 • Canon printer must be in a state of SERVICE MODE • Turn off the error Canon P07 / E08 by pressing the power • Do not unplug the power cord • Press and Hold down STOP / RESET followed by pressing the POWER button.

Canon Mg2470 Printer

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• So both buttons depressed position. • Release the STOP / RESET but do not release the POWER button. • In the circumstances the POWER button is pressed, press the STOP / RESET 5 times. • Then release both buttons simultaneously. So Canon MG2170, MG2270 and MG5270 will be in the Service Mode. Aplikasi Sistem Pakar Dengan Php File. • LCD Panel will be blank / dark and on your computer will detect the new hardware.

Ignore it • The next step Exctract File • Run Software Service Tool 3400 you downloaded • Next, On the menu absorber Clear ink counter You must to select Main and then click Set on the right. • Next, In the menu select Main ink absorber counter • Please click SET on the right. • Then click EEOPROM.

Then the printer will print one page. Epson Tm-u220pa Driver Windows 8 more. • Printer error P07 / E08 will be normal again.