Cakephp Ajax Form Update Div

Cakephp Ajax Form Update Div

I just tested your application by using your zip file. What I observed is that this is not the whole page that is put inside your #success div, but only the content of the Posts/add.ctp view.

So basically this means the RequestHandler does its job correctly, meaning the layout that is used is the 'ajax' layout. To get rid of anything else that the form, the add.ctp page should not contain anything else that the form. In your case Posts/add.ctp contains navigation links, and that's why they get duplicated. That said, what the submit button does currently is getting the content of Posts/add.ctp view and insert it in your empty #success div. But you never remove the form that was already on the page. What you could do is updating the content of a div that contains your first form, or even the content of the whole Posts/add.ctp view.

Canon Eos 10d Driver Xp. Free Download Installation Software Hp Laserjet P1005. RequestHandler コンポーネント がコントローラに含まれている場合、CakePHP はアクションが Ajax を通してリクエストされた際に自動的に Ajax レイアウトを適用します。.

In your case, simply updating the #content instead of the #success div could maybe suit your needs: echo $this->Js->submit('Send', array( 'before'=>$this->Js->get('#sending')->effect('fadeIn'), 'success'=>$this->Js->get('#sending')->effect('fadeOut'), 'update'=>'#content', 'class'=>'btn btn-primary', 'controller'=>'posts', 'action'=>'add' )). I don't use the JsHelper myself, but prefer to write my own jQuery scripts to have more control on what the script does. But in your case, I think rendering a different view from the Controller like you do is the thing to do. Drivers Hp C7438a Usb Device. Canon G10 Firmware Hack. If the question is to figure how to make the menu not disappear, well, you could update the form only (instead of #content) but render in the view only the part you need (the form if you have error, or a success message). But in this case, do not render the menu if the request is an Ajax call. – May 7 '12 at 8:36 •.

Hello firstly it seems you are using cake 2 lib and using 1.3 code which will probably work but is in parts deprecated may be work checking the. The console tool can also upgrade your code to 2.0/2.1. Secondly surely you do want to render a view and an empty layout? $errors is defined in Views/Posts/validate_form.ctp. You are setting $errors and then not rendering the view. Remove setting the auto render to false and place at the top of you controller action.

$this->layout = 'ajax'; Configure::write('debug',0); Any good?

General Options $option keys Description $options['evalScripts'] Determines if script tags in the returned content are evaluated. Set to true by default. $options['frequency'] The number of seconds between interval based checks. $options['indicator'] The DOM id of an element to show while a request is loading and to hide when a request is completed. $options['position'] To insert rather than replace, use this option to specify an insertion position of top, bottom, after, or before. $options['update'] The id of the DOM element to be updated with returned content. $options['url'] The url of the controller/action that you want to call.