Alps Printer Repair Manual

Alps Decal Printer

Alps will also continue to offer a repair service for the MD-5500 for five years after the end of sale date (i.e. Up to 31st May 2015), and will still supply inks and other consumables for five years after the MD-5500 end of. Epson Pro Cinema 6010 Manual on this page.

• Online User’s Guide for Windows 3.1, 95/98. • Various Printing Operations.

4 Printing on Photographic-Quality Paper (4' x 6'). 10 Printing on Photographic-Quality Labels. 16 VPhoto Color Printing on VPhoto Print Film. 22 VPhoto Color Printing on VPhoto Paper. Download Driver Hp Laserjet P2014 Windows Vista. 25 VPhoto Color Printing on Plain Paper. 28 VPhoto Color Printing on Photo Realistic Labels.

• Printer Driver. 96 Printer Driver Setup Dialog Box. 97 How to Open the Printer Driver Setup Dialog Box. 97 Name and Functions of Each Item of the MD-5000 Dialog Box 98 Settings in Each Tab. 99 Document/Quality Tab.

• Various Printing Operations Learning to Use the Many Functions of Your Printer The MD-5000P not only prints outstanding monochrome and full color images but also offers a wide variety of other options, including printing in foil or metallic color and printing on iron-on transfer sheets, photo labels, and greeting cards. • Photographic-Quality Color Printing This section describes how to print Photographic-Quality Color images on Photographic- Quality Paper.With Photographic-Quality Color printing, you can print continuous-tone images with the same high quality as photographs. In Photographic-Quality Color print- ing, you can also print with an overcoat ink that produces a smooth, shiny surface like a photograph. • Step 1 Prepare the Image to be Printed Use any application to create the image or document you want to print. Step 2 Install the Photographic-Quality Ink Cartridges Install the Photographic-Quality ink cartridges into the ink car- tridge holders. The ink cartridges may be installed in any order. Step 3 Load the Photographic-Quality Paper (8.5'x 11') in Your Printer.