Acer Aspire One D270 Touchpad Not Working


Lennie Tristano Transcriptions Pdf Printer. Dear sir/Madam, I bought a acer E5 573 Laptop two weeks ago and installed windows 10 32 bit. The issue is touchpad is not functioning. Cursor working with wireless mouse and touchpad works only on windows 7 also but not on windows 10 and 8.

Automatic Flight Control Systems Donald Mclean Pdf Printer. Hmmm.Acer seems to only support the device for it's original configuration (Win XP). Also, they only seem to provide updates, not the complete driver set. I checked notebooks for a Vista driver. They used two different manufacturers for their Vista models.

No help there. Okay, try this 1. Uninstall any Synaptics or touchpad software using uninstall programs. Reboot-does Win 7 find new hardware and attempt to install anything? If NO, Start>Contol Panel>under System Security select find and fix problems>Hardware and Sound>Configure Device Any Luck?

If NO, Start>right click Computer>Manage>Device Manager>and select the touchpad>right-click properties>update driver and let Win 7 look for drivers. Long shot.hail mary.try the Dell Vista driver. It's for Latitude and Precision Vista 32-bit Searching the net only reveals that Acer provides no support for OS other than how it was sold. There also seemed to be no fixes. I concur with Gaffer, you'll have to try the generic Vista drivers from Synaptics and hope for the best if Win 7 doesn't find a driver that it likes. The good news is that Win 7 will run on a older hardware, where Vista would not. Keep pushing for a touchpad fix and bring new life to the netbook.

Unable To Install Printer Drivers On Windows 7. So, your touchpad works correctly in Vista? Then use that software and driver install package. It doesn't work. I have tried to do that. I made a recovery disk from acer, and another disk with drivers and software But if i do that, it sais the same. Not compatible. I tried software and drivers from everywhere on the internet.

The drivers of vista sais; 'DPInst.exe cannot be executed on your system' Xp drivers sais; You need Win XP to install synaptics touchpad enhancements. So nothing works. I saw on the internet much forums of people with the same problem and most of them just installed the vista drivers and that works.

It doesn't with me. I'm not doing it wrong, i'm good in computers, so. There is also nothing wrong with my computer, all works perfect, but not the software for the touchpad. Hope there is a solution for this. Thanks anyway. After reviewing the thread, I realized I did not mention using the compatibilty mode. With your touchpad software/drivers from the back-up disk, right click on the installation file and select troubleshoot compatibility.

Acer Aspire One D270 Touchpad Not Working